Holy Peace

Holy Peace

Once Upon a Time—there was a Major God that created things. All sorts of life. When The Great Mystery started to create the ‘two legged’ beings there was some doubt. The Committee of Gods talked among themselves and came to the conclusion that they should go ahead and give these strange humans a chance. They were wonderful and horrible in nature. They were equally beautiful and ugly in every way so One God put a stipulation on the creation process. The consensus was that they demonstrate their striving for beauty and nobility three times when challenged to be in a state of violence.  They all agreed and the people of two legs were created male and female.

Over time many humans appeared on Mother Earth and did some really great things but they also did some pretty bad things. When the wars and peace were at a 50% split The Gods came down to Earth in many forms and gave the original contract to them through many scrolls, holy books, images, music, dances, magic, etc. Some humans got it and became prophets,  priest, preachers, shamans, witches, and medicine people and others became terrorist, dictators, killers, the creators of conflict, confusion and violence.

Then one eventful day a hugh space craft from the Holy Space Brothers sanctioned by the Holy Space Sisters landed on Earth and gave the Great Hopi nation the power and instructions as to what was going to happen from now to eternity with the humans that were divided. Anyone who did not get that they were Holy, Special, Noble, Spiritual, Creative, Transformed, Lovely, Working a Program and conflict free (more or less) would be given three chances to prove they could live up to that which they were created—in the image of The Great Spirit—and after three chances they were to be recalled and recycled. That was the decree.

Many strived through their three chances but many just could not or would not get the simple program of transformation. So many disappeared from Mother Earth leaving the many that did make it and were happy, joyous and free.

The End.