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Best Moose Ever

She was the best moose ever. She came into the yard often especially during hunting season. She seemed to know there was safety there. I invited her to stay as long as she wanted. She bedded down behind the shed many nights then would disappear into the woods for what seemed like a long time. Then just when I thought the hunters had gotten to her she would appear again. That made me happy. There was something about the connection we had as I gazed out at her from my front window. She knew I was looking at her. She would turn and gaze back at me.

She left one day in early spring after the last of the winter snow melted and I did not see her for the whole summer. Fall came and still no moose friend. The winter snow started to fall, coating the ground of the garden where she used to stand to eat the berries hanging over the fence. Winter set in for the long haul, darkness became the norm and I gave up hope to ever see her again. Then it happened! She came back with her two babies. It was strange she would appear in the winter with babies. They were just growing out of their young calf time but they were her family and they survived the late calving.

She had no idea how her appearance gave me hope. Or did she?  You see, I had just lost my husband and was very lonely and sad. The sight of her and her twin calves represented the cycle of life at its best, the beginning. Warm life in the middle of winter is special. She walked up to the window, looked at me and walked to the back of the yard, went over to her spot at the fence and now the three of them bedded down near the old shed. My heart grew warmer and I think I could feel a smile on my face for the first time in awhile. She is the best moose friend ever.

Construction Guy

A real raincoat

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