The Teeth

The Teeth


“Yes, I took her dentures!”

“Why? How did you get into that part of the building?”

“My brother used to work here. I followed him around when I was a kid.” “Didn’t have parents—he watched me.”

“What else did you take?”  “Well, a rug and an eye and a couple of suits.”

“A rug? Off the floor?” “What eye?” “Where?”

“It covered his bald head—and the other one had a glass eye.” “They all have suits.”

“So—you take body parts?”

“Well if it comes off or out easy like.”

“They don’t need them anymore.” “Got lots of friends that can’t afford this stuff.” “You know—Poverty!”

“My God this is a funeral home!”  “What are you thinking?”

“Got lots of people I know who need stuff—can’t afford teeth and hair and eyes and fancy suits and stuff.”

“Oh my God!”