Its Christmas time, or if you like holiday time, and all over the US there are trees being put up in city squares, in living rooms, in offices, even on porches. These trees were once alive, growing reaching for the sky. Suddenly they find themselves cut off from growth and reaching. There is something wrong with that and there is something OK with too because what these sacrificed trees  do to serve human needs at this time of the year.

The smell of pine, the green surrounding the modern earth detached, the twinkling lights hanging on the branches symbolic of stars, the mystery of the ancients who worshiped the tree bridging to present time. Then there is the gathering of people around the tree, giving gifts wrapped in pretty paper, glee in children’s eyes, hope on the faces of elders remembering childhood at the foot of the tree—repeated history and tradition intact. Even the hopeless, bitter and angry soften a bit this time of the year. Compassion and empathy come forth as hearts open wider. All because of the perfect tree who sacrificed itself for the sake of the need. The need of rekindled love. The need of peace as the angle is placed on the tip of its top.

Have a great holiday at your tree this season. Celebrate your perfect tree.

Celebrate and Be Merry