Construction Guy

A real raincoat

I live in Portland, Oregon. It rains here during the winter. No duh, huh? Now you think you could find a rain coat here? Anywhere here? Excuse me but you, North Face, are not a raincoat, a proper one where the rain does not soak in after awhile. I drive out in the weather every day and I am here to tell you your ‘rain’ coat is not a raincoat! I called them one day and ask if they had anything else that would be totally water resistant. They suggested I ‘treat’ it. I paid alot of money for my ‘raincoat’ and now I gotta treat it?  So this spring I started looking around locally for a real raincoat.

There aren’t any to be had. So eventually, after asking just about everyone I know, I found a company on the East coast who sells real raincoats. They sell raincoats to construction people, gardeners, ranchers—real people who do long term things, that exposes them to the weather, outside, in the rain. Now I too have three good raincoats. One is bright yellow, one is green and one is black. Oh the luxury of a good water resistant raincoat.  I dare the water to get through a real raincoat. I never thought I’d be so happy to have dry sleeves. So if you live in Portland and can’t find a real raincoat contact me and I will make sure I pass the information where you can get one along. Yes, I know I could just insert it here—but I am a tricky old lady—I figure if you are wet enough and ticked off enough at the Face of North you will contact me via my comment at the end of this blog. Then I can say I have one more person, other than myself, that has commented on this fabulous blog. Anyway—negotiate all those conflicts well—and remember don’t limit the ‘IS’.